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2021 E. Chester Ridgway Conference

Ridgway Conference
9 Hours 30 Minutes
Audio and Video


2021 E. Chester Ridgway Conference 

The Ridgway conference is a must-view educational event for trainees, clinicians, researchers, and advanced healthcare professionals at any career level that interested in expanding their knowledge of thyroid physiology, thyroid-related diseases and disorders. The two-day meeting includes popular talks on thyroid function, thyroid testing, thyroid physiology, thyroid nodules, ultrasound and cancer. 

The first session includes basic, clinical, and surgical topics of interest to all focusing on thyroid hormone synthesis, action and metabolism. Followed by two “breakout” sessions — one for the basic scientists and translational researchers, and the other for the surgeons and clinicians, with topics geared towards the specific interests of those registrants.  

The last session begins with a lecture on Thyroid Eye Disease Overview (sponsored by Horizon Therapeutics) and is followed by a Thyroid Ultrasound and Nodules course and Thyroid Tumor Board.  


General Session  

How Do Thyroid Hormones Work (Bryan Haugen) 

Dysgenesis and Dyshormonogenesis (Ari Wassner) 

Thyroid Hormone Metabolism (Elizabeth Pearce) 

Live Q&A  

Clinical Breakout Session  

 Hyperthyroidism (David Cooper) 

Thyroid Tests (Carole Spencer) 

Live Q&A

Basic Science Breakout Session  

 Thyroid Organoids (Vivian Weiss) 

Thyroid Stem Cells (Sabine Costagliola) 

Live Q&A   

Thyroid Eye Disease Overview 

Thyroid Eye Disease Background (Chrysoula Dosiou) 

Clinical Assessment (Chrysoula Dosiou) 

Medical Management (Mario Salvi) 

Thyroid Ultrasound and Nodules Session  

 Basic Thyroid Ultrasound (Jennifer Sipos) 

Thyroid Cytology & Molecular Testing (Stephanie Fish) 

Unique Features of Thyroid Pediatric Ultrasound and Cytology (Andrew Bauer) 

Live Q&A  

Thyroid Tumor Board 

Case Presentations  

Panelists - Iñigo Lando, R. Michael Tuttle, Ashok Shaha, Tracy Wang, & Michelle Williams 

Live Q&A

Program Details  

This program is available to watch on-demand. There is no CME associated with this program.