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ATA’s Year in Thyroidology: A Virtual Experience

Annual Meeting
9 Hours 37 Minutes
Audio and Video


Program Details

This course is available to watch on-demand.  There is no CME associated with this program.   

ATA’s Year in Thyroidology: A Virtual Experience

This event is designed to provide you with succinct updates on the latest research and clinical care.  Our esteemed speakers from around the world will share their insight with event attendees and participate in interactive questions and answers with attendees.

Included in this webinar:

Sessions from Friday, February 19, 2021

New Therapeutics and Treatment Strategies for Advanced Thyroid Cancer

This session highlights new therapeutics and treatment strategies for advanced thyroid cancer including discussions on RET-altered thyroid cancers, targeted treatment strategies for advanced thyroid cancer and an overview of the recently published paper “Evaluation of Overall Survival in Patients With Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma, 2000-2019.”

  • Maria E. Cabanillas, MD, MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Lori J. Wirth, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Mark Zafereo, Jr., MD, MD Anderson Cancer Center


Immunomodulators, Immunotherapies, and Their Effects on the Thyroid Gland

This session explores immunomodulators, immunotherapies, and their effects on the thyroid gland, specifically immunotherapy and thyroid cancer and how D-L1 inhibitor induced thyroiditis is associated with better overall survival in cancer patients.

  • Melissa Lechner, MD, PhD, UCLA
  • Mabel M. Ryder, MD, Mayo Clinic


Hypothyroidism and Combination Therapy

This session explores hypothyroidism and combination therapy and highlights the recent consensus statement from ATA, ETA and BTA.

  • Antonio Bianco, MD, PhD, University of Chicago
  • Jacqueline Jonklaas, MD, PhD, Georgetown University
  • James V. Hennessey, MD, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


Meet the Professor Sessions

  • Current status of active surveillance in the US”

Join two leaders in the field to discuss the current status of active surveillance in the US.

    • Michael Tuttle, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering
    • Allen Ho, MD, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center


  •  “Sneak Peek at the ATA guidelines for thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer”

ATA has several guidelines under development. This session will highlight the topics that will be covered in the forthcoming Differentiated Thyroid Cancer and Nodules Guidelines.

    • Susan Mandel, MD, University of Pennsylvania
    • Matthew Ringel, MD, Ohio State University


Sessions from Saturday, February 20, 2021


Thyroid Nodule Ultrasound Risk Stratification and the Promise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence holds great promise in identifying and treating thyroid nodules. This session looks at how artificial intelligence can be used in nodule risk assessment and explore what’s next in the evolution of how we categorize nodules.

  • Jill Langer, MD, University of Pennsylvania
  • Naykky Singh Ospina, MD, University of Florida


Non-Surgical Treatment of Benign Nodules

This session explores non-surgical treatment of benign nodules including ethanol ablation of Cystic nodules, the RFA Experience in S. Korea, and laser ablation for thyroid nodules.

  • M. Regina Castro, MD, Mayo Clinic
  • Jung Hwan Baek, MD, PhD, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Asan Medical Center
  • Stefano Spiezia, MD, Sea Hospital - Naples


Trends in Managing Graves’ Disease

This session delves into novel treatment strategies for Graves’ Disease and highlights recent advances in treating of Graves’ Ophthalmopathy.

  • Juan P. Brito Campana, M.B.B.S., Mayo Clinic
  • Marius Stan, MD, Mayo Clinic


Meet the Professor Sessions

  • “The de-escalation of care for thyroid nodules: progress and challenges”

Join two leaders in the field to explore progress and challenges in caring for thyroid nodules.

    • Louise Davies, MD, MS, The Dartmouth Institute
    • Megan Haymart, MD, University of Michigan


  • “What’s new in thyroid surgery for 2021”

Join two leaders in the field to discuss hot topics in thyroid surgery for 2021.

    • Martha A. Zeiger, MD, National Cancer Institute
    • Quan-Yang Duh, MD, University of California San Francisco