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Women in Thyroidology Virtual Coffee Hour

Women in Thyroidology
59 Minutes
Audio and Video


The ATA Women in Thyroidology group held their first coffee hour to discuss the following topics: how to carve out your niche in Thyroidology; challenges in balancing career & family; the effect of the pandemic on female careers; principles of successful negotiations; career opportunities in academia, pharma, and private practice, and how to advocate for time and resources. This webinar was held on May 2, 2022.



Naykky Singh Ospina, MD – Welcome

Amy Chen, MD – Moderator

Aime Franco, PhD – Moderator

Sofie Bliddal MD, PhD – Panelist

Libby Grubbs, MD – Panelist

Megan Haymart, MD – Panelist

Jacquie Jonklaas, MD – Panelist